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Business Start Up

Once the decision has been made to start up in business, you will need to decide how you should operate - as a sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or through a company. We can guide you through this decision, highlighting the pros and cons to ensure that the right choice is made from the outset, based on strategic, commercial and tax reasons. There are many other vital aspects of your new venture that we can assist with; from preparing a business plan to company formation and secretarial matters. If you bring us your business ideas, we will help you evaluate them in a constructive and organised manner. Our aim is to remove some of the obstacles you will face and allow you to focus your efforts on your new business.

Sale and Purchase; Due Diligence

Buying and selling a business is a complicated process. Our partners can advise you on the structure of the deal, tax implications and the best possible route to achieve the smoothest process. Decisions made several years before you plan to sell a business can affect the eventual agreed value with potential purchasers, so we regularly have this dialogue with our clients.

We can support you throughout any purchase of a new business. As well as providing company valuations, we can assist you with the due diligence procedure and the logistics of combining it into your current activities before, during and after the deal is completed.

Change of Structure and Succession Management

A business can go through various phases during their lifetime and it may be that a change of structure is required. We can provide you with advice and guidance on the most efficient way to restructure, whether for the benefit of the business or the owner.

Succession management is key to the future of any business. We can assist you in the process, ensuring a smooth transition is put in place and that the business can continue on the desired path.