Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Suffering inheritance tax, particularly in relation to your home, is largely unavoidable. If that is the case, however, we can help to guide you as to what sort of liability may arise and to explore other planning opportunities to reduce the overall liability. We consider the wider family and your own aspirations and review matters with you at periodic intervals.

We encourage our clients to have up-to-date and relevant wills and work closely with your solicitors to ensure they are drafted to achieve the objectives you intend. We also advocate simplicity; clever structures do exist but are rarely understood fully and often incur costs that quickly erode any potential tax savings.


Our estate planning services will work closely with you to ensure you are maximising on your tax savings for you and your family after you are gone. Our experience and skills in this area include:

  • quantifying your wealth
  • understanding your financial needs and aspirations
  • reviewing your options
  • checking wills and protection
  • periodic reviews of plans.